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The art work above was created by overlaying a number of cropped frames from a single video taken by William Ulrich on July 3, 2017. There was no other choice. The rainbow was so close, no single frame could capture it in it’s entirety.


The New Face of Philanthropy

Welcome to the Rainbow Project! It all started when Rainbow Project founder Bill Ulrich was chased by a Rainbow. Since then he is finding ways to help translate the inspirational message from his Rainbow Experience into action. To heal Mother Earth, spread peace, tolerance, love and harmony. A daunting task, but with your help he hopes to find worthy organizations and causes who are committed to furthering those ideals. To find out more, to volunteer and/or to offer your ideas click here.


Bill, a successful businessman whose pursuit of money left him alone and unhappy, found inspiration and new purpose in his awesome experience with a Rainbow. Since then he has hired a team of professionals from writers and business experts to lawyers and researchers who are developing an unusual plan to serve humanity through a new form of philanthropy. The Rainbow Project is sponsored by the Rainbow Warriors Charity Group, LLC. Read more.


To fulfill the message of the Rainobw by starting a foundation that funnels resources and monies to local and eventually national charities and organizations. Particularly those who are solving some of the worlds largest problems like homelessness, hunger, war and political unrest. If you have a desire to help us find those organizations or would like to be a part of our efforts please sign up to volunteer. To find out more click here..