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Rainbow Warriors Charity Group

Bill Ulrich, a successful businessman whose pursuit of money left him alone and unhappy, found inspiration and new purpose in his awesome experience with a Rainbow.
Since then he has hired a team of professionals from writers and business experts to lawyers and researchers who are developing an unusual plan to serve humanity through a new form of philanthropy.
The Rainbow Project is sponsored by the newly formed Rainbow Warriors Charity Group, LLC.

In search of others who may have had similar experiences the Rainbow Team has been planning events throughout the year to to introduce this new way of giving, and to hear your thoughts and experiences and to gather information to determine the best way to distribute funds.

Meet the Team below.

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William J. Ulrich (Bill)

In spite of a great handicap, profound dyslexia, Bill has been a successful business man for over 25 years. He turned his coin dealing business into the largest gold and silver buying business in the US.

Having made enough money to retire Bill felt he needed to do more with his life but was not sure what shape that would take.  Then on July 3rd of 2017 while sitting on his lanai a rainbow appeared.  It was the largest rainbow he had ever seen and all of a sudden it seemed to come closer and closer to him.  So close he could almost touch it.  The incident had a profound effect on him and according to Bill contained a message.  HEAL THE EARTH, HEAL THE PEOPLE.. Since then Bill has applied himself to the task. Forming the Rainbow Warriors Charity Group LLC and the Rainbow Project Bill has become convinced there is a way to do just that. He has put together a team of experts to forward that mission.    Read more

Debbie Keri-Brown

Debbie is a critical member of the team. Her skills in public relations and marketing help form the group’s message and gets the message of the Rainbow out to potential members, patrons and volunteers.

An expert in synchronicity and Reiki Debbie lends a spiritual sensibility to the project.

Dennis Paulaha

Dennis has been a professional problem solver and expert in the fields of planning, marketing and economic analysis since 1970. Having consulted for both the public and private sectors, he views the development of and the challenges facing Bill in the building of a foundation the from legal issues to translating Bill’s ideas into practical assignments.

Dennis has worked with and for Bill Ulrich for 40 + years and is an invaluable resource to the project.

Ken Hamrick

Ken is a master electrician and the Project’s Master Rainbow Maker. Besides being an electrical engineer Ken has been a jeweler who creates beautiful pieces of art. His contributions to the team serve to encourage and invent products to help bring the majesty and therapuetic value of the Rainbow light and color to the public.

Lana Bishop

A seasoned project manager, host and performer, Lana has played a major role in the development of the Rainbow Project. As Bill’s right hand Lana helps navigate the day to day business while keeping us on task.

Michael Joyce

Michael is an incredible asset in his ability to research and discover even the most obscure information. His dogged determination in finding just the right article or the right expert to help forward the cause of the project keeps us moving ahead.

He is also a great music producer and talented music maker.