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The mission of the Rainbow Project is not to collect money from anyone, but to work with volunteers who want to contribute their time, energy, and talents to help us help what we believe are the best charities in Southwest Florida.

One of the most important parts of our mission is to determine which charities are best and which might be deserving of awards for the work they do.

As we become larger, we will expand, with the ultimate goal of providing help to charities and people all across the world, always looking at what their goals are, how well they achieve their goals, and what percentage of the contributions they receive go to people rather than administrative costs.


“Rainbows embody many iconic, mythological and spiritual ideals. Throughout history, they have been signs of unity, covenants, healing, harmony, hope and potential for people from all cultures and belief systems. In some cases, the experiences lead to miraculous changes in people’s lives. In my case, to summarize all that has happened so far, I suppose you could say I saw the light and here we are, on a mission to create something new and special that was called into action by a rainbow.”

– William Ulrich

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